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Paladin® Style Guide

Outdoor sport fishing is a growing market, as more and more people seek outdoor experiences and look to connect with nature. Our company is an established manufacturer of quality and affordable fishing gear and equipment, catering to the needs of avid anglers and recreational fishers alike. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in the great outdoors, and offer the performance and reliability that customers demand.

Essential Outdoor Gear

Fishing items with crossover into camping and hiking, experience the thrill of the catch with us!


Paladin is Where Adventure Meets Expertise

Delivering unforgettable fishing journeys and creating lasting memories on the water.

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The Font Figtree has both an earthy feel that complements the products we represent, and the clean modern typeface that bridge the gap between our traditional and newcomer outdoor gear customers. Although the font has a full range of variable options, our main set of regular, italic, bold and black should be adhered to. Italic should only be used in rare cases of needed emphasis, mostly in subhead or body copy.  Character width and height at 100%.

Brand Colors

Black is associated with power, sophistication, and elegance in outdoor spaces,  Off-white conveys purity, simplicity, and timelessness. Blue is perceived as calm, peaceful, and trustworthy. Green represents growth, renewal, and harmony with nature. Rust adds warmth, richness, and a touch of antiquity.

Secondary Solid Colors

Using secondary colors to identify different categories of fishing lures can be an effective way to organize and distinguish between products. For example, different colors could be assigned to different types of lures, such as topwater, crankbait, or jig. This allows for quick and easy recognition by consumers, making the shopping experience more efficient and convenient.


Reel Box


Specialty Packaging

Color Coded Cards


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